Friday, September 9, 2011

Swifty Eagleeye Review PS3

Video Game

Porter Robinson - The State (SKisM Remix)

SKisM's remix of The State by Porter Robinson - Forthcoming on OWSLA - Available to buy on the 13th September via Beatport.

Beat It - Michael Jackson

Music Video

Starcraft 2 - Tron Mod

Actually called "photon cycles" for copyright reasons, this Starcraft 2 mod is infinitely better than Alien Hallway which you can buy on Steam but we recommend you don't.


В аэропорту Туношна при взлете упал самолет ЯК-42 с командой хоккейного клуба «Локомотив», выполнявший чартер на Минск. Всего на борту было 37 человек, пока известно только об одном выжившем. На месте работают спасатели.

Worst Penalty EVER!! Amir Sayoud (Al Ahly) vs Kima Aswan September 7th, 2011

September 7th, 2011. Terrible.While most of the world's attention on Tuesday was focused on the international arena, in Egypt the latest round of the cup was underway.Al Ahly roasted Kima Aswan 4-nil, however the win wasn't all smiles for the hosts as Amir Sayoud spectacularly fluffed a penalty. Sayoud's intention was to try and fake-out the Kima Aswan goalie through a stuttered penalty approach, but instead of fooling the keeper it was the taker who ended up with egg on his face.

The striker managed to get his foot stuck in the ground as he faked a shot on goal. That caused him to loose his footing, resulting in the taker falling flat on his face as his effort trickled humiliating to the goalie.

Adding insult to injury, Sayoud was booked by the referee for taking an illegal spot-kick.

Thursday, September 8, 2011